I am a freelancer creating products for both my brand Equality Knowledge & Light and working to help create artistic goods and visuals for others.
Creative work is meant to be shared and I believe in sharing a positive message along the way. I produce graphic design, visual and audio media. We have a full service print shop to create our of line of goods, but also to service a variety of business, startups, social groups and hobbyist apparel.


The first step to any good product or idea is design.  We help make quality visuals both with graphic design and visual media. With quality design and layout work is more efficient, concise and effective.


The EKL shop is located South of Buffalo, NY and has full service silk screening equipment along with full size plotters. This allows me to produce our apparel in house, along with signage, and various soft goods.

Visual Media

Although EKL is perceived as a clothing brand, I feel it is important to express that all the visual elements of our brand are produced by us in house. Threw years of working with various media we have help make content for various companies including New Era, Zummies, Urban Outfitters and many local Buffalo based business.